Wednesday, July 23, 2014


PeggyPeggy by Anna Walker

One of the most clever books about a chicken you'll ever come across. Endearing, adorable, and just about perfect. I haven't read it to my son yet, but I want it on my forever shelf, for myself.  As I said, some children's books are well worth reading, even as an adult. Really, with the detail and all the thought that was put into this book, adults will probably love it most.

Blown from her country home, Peggy finds that she really does fit in in the hustle and bustle of the big city. It's a marvelous adventure for the most unlikely of adventurers that reminded me that attitude in adversity makes all the difference between a horrific occurrence and a wonderful change of pace.

This is a wonderful book for kids, for young adults heading off to college, for adults facing life changes, and for people who just love chickens and characters who can face down any adventure without getting their feathers too ruffled.

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