Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pizza on the Grill Expanded: 100+ Feisty Fire-Roasted Recipes for Pizza & More

Mind blown.
Hi. My name is Slee and I'm a pizza addict. When I was a kid my parents used to bribe me to study for my timed tests (yay basic math) with pizza for dinner every time I passed one. Let's just say that my mom was foundered of pizza by the end of the school year, but I could multiply fifteen three digit numbers in a minute with no trouble. I love pizza, and I think that this cookbook was written just for me. So, Elizabeth Karmel and Bob Blumer, if you're reading this review: thanks guys!
I've been saying that we needed to figure out a way to properly cook pizza on the grill for years, so again, thank you. You've changed the way I look at the whole pie.
With a new spin on toppings, and a great walk through on dough making, this recipe book will have you walking through the farmers market eyeing things that before hand might never have gone near a pizza that now most certainly will have to.
I haven't had a chance to hone my skills yet, but I think this technique is completely masterable, and the fact that they've gone the extra mile to develop a gluten free dough? Well, hats off to Karmel and Blumer.
So, if you're a pizza aficionado, own a grill, and want to take the flavor to the next level, I highly recommend this book.

I received a free eARC of this title for review purposes. I have not been compensated in any other way for my review, which was not swayed in any way by the free nature of said ARC.

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