Sunday, June 29, 2014

Home is Where You Hold Your Books

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I love my bookshelves. I recently put another in my bedroom which enabled me to pull some of my favorite books out of storage after six long years since our last move. It wasn't until those well loved volumes were readily accessible in my room that I finally felt like I truly had finished moving in. The fog of temporary arrangement dissipated and suddenly I inhabited the space. 

I don't believe in going anywhere without books. If I don't have something to read, then I've probably brought something I'm writing, because I always carry a story with me. I collect them, and I share them. They're a fundamental piece of what makes me tick. So of course, I like book shelves. I carry a bookbag rather than a purse, because books are joy, even when they're full of heart ache and suspense. They fill the gaps between our experiences and the experiences of others, they help us learn and grow, heal and flourish. 

Carry a book wherever you go. It' a wonderful way to improve almost any day. Keep books near you. Fill your world with them. They're a wonderful way to improve a home and give new perspective on life.

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