Friday, October 16, 2015

Funny Story

So, I've been writing a lot lately. Just not *here.*
Here. ------>
In my little travel journal.

Frankly, poetry has felt very therapeutic lately. No, not that self-indulgent angst-fest that I wrote when I was a teenager. This isn't all complete drivel, but let's be honest, feeding creativity is healthy.
Anyway, part of the whole writing process is making a choice: keep it private or try to find a good home for it. I've been trying to home most of my work. Not the total drivel. It gets to live and die on my OneDrive.
Submitting writing involves cover letters. I hate them. You hate them. We all hate them. They always make me feel like a mouse squeaking at the wall. So yesterday, amidst a high stress moment of trying to not sound quite like a mouse, I decided to go an entirely different direction.
I swept caution back into the closet and asked myself what I would want to read if I were on the receiving end, and ended up dancing down the path of whimsy.
It was more or less polite nonsense, but nonetheless, I slipped it into the envelope (yes, honest to goodness envelope, like it's 1989) with more calm than I'd ever felt submitting anything.
I smiled and thought "even if they don't like my work, they'll enjoy the cover letter."

I don't know if I'll be bravely whimsical on subsequent cover letters, but man, just this once? It felt good.

So, before I go about shooting myself in my writing hand with future cover letters, what do you do to make you feel good about your cover letter?

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